Airbrush Tanning

Visit our Metairie beauty salon for any of the following services. Call us at 504-309-4464 or click here to book an appointment now. All prices are determined on each stylist level of experience and extent of design.

Pricing is based on 50ml of solution. If more solution is needed the price will vary.

Norvell is the pioneer in sunless. They have learned to build products that preform with stability, consistency, and great results. Norvell only uses Eco certified organic DHA. To ensure DHA efficacy they opt to have raw material flown in and each container tested on-site to certify that it preforms at peak levels. Norvell has a variety of retail products that ensure that you will achieve the best results and maintain this after you leave the salon. You can purchase these products individually or we even carry starter kits that include each product. Step one prime or exfoliate. Step two Bronze. Step three cleanser and moisturizer. Step 4 prolong.

Salon J-Elle does recommend that you should purchase this kit before coming in to preform your airbrush tan to start you prep before the service. We also have a few tips to help you prepare and maintain your tan.

1) We suggest that you start exfoliating 48hrs prior to tan
2) Please wear very loose clothing and sandals
3) Please do not have on moisturizer or deoderant before the service
4) We recommend that you wait 24hrs before getting wet or taking a shower (there are upgrade tans that do not apply
5) Make sure to hydrate your tan two times a day to maintain your color

Salon J-Elle does have series that you can purchase to save $$$$

Series #1 Purchase three tans and receive $5 off per tan
Series #2 Purchase six tans and receive $10 off per tan
We also have a referral program to continue the savings. Get the girls together for a little tanning fun. Perfect for weddings, formals, prom, pageants, girls night, competitions/body building, vacations, and special occasions. BOOK A PARTY OF 8 OR MORE AND THE HOST RECEIVES A TAN FOR FREE!!!!

Full Body43+
Clear-wil build color, great for the lunch break47+
One hour then shower / Venetian Plus47+
Competition-requires three sprays (please call in advance for this solution) 110+