Visit our Metairie beauty salon for any of the following services. Call us at 504-309-4464 or click here to book an appointment now. All prices are determined on each stylist level of experience and extent of design.

Salon J-Elle carries Hotheads and Babe Extensions. Hotheads and Babe comes in a various colors including rooted and ombre looks. There are also various lengths from 10"-24". Hotheads has a complete line of products to maintain your extensions. This line is specially designed to keep your extensions from getting dry and tangled. You will need to book a consultation before we can book your service to determine the price of hair. Service cost is $150 for first hour, and $100 for every hour after. Removal is $75 for beaded extensions which includes a style. For tape in extenisons we charge $15 a bond. There are 10 bonds in a pack which comes to $150. Removal is $75 which includes a style. If you are interested in trying Hotheads call and book a consultation appointment with one of our extension specialist.